Personalized Career Counseling

At , our career counselors work with people to help them make informed decisions
about their professional and educational goals. Using a range of tools, we create individualized plans that best
serve personal interests and aptitudes - all to ensure goals are met.

Career Assessment

Using interactive and engaging assessment tools, we are able to explore opportunities that best suit you. Assessments provide information regarding aptitude, personality traits, and interests while in depth conversations provide an idea of your background, habits, and personal characteristics. Gathering information allows us to create a picture for you, helping you clarify your goals, and choose a path that suits you.

Career Planning

Taking the time to create a career plan is well worth the time. We work with you, looking at your goals and background matching it against your personality and aptitude. Our career planning formula helps assure your happiness and success. Plans often come in stages and can be revisited or revised over time; however, the key is to develop a foundational realistic plan that you can put in action today.

College Planning

Nothing is more beneficial for your career than having a solid education plan. Our counselors are available to help you narrow down your interests, select courses, and find college programs that fit your interests. Whether you are just entering college, looking for a master's program, or want to take advanced learning courses to advance your skills, we are well versed at helping establish solid, workable educational plans.